Professional Ryde Pest Control Services

Everyone has heard a pest horror story, and the huge problem an infestation can be as you go about running a happy home or a profitable business. Luckily, Mr Flikem – who do the pest control Ryde locals can really trust – is here to help.

Whether you’re in Ryde or somewhere else in Sydney’s metropolitan area and beyond, Mr Flikem is the safe, professional and affordable choice for family-friendly local pest control services.


Let’s take a look at the 3 most important reasons to get on top of your pest problems today:

1. Health

Your home and your money are one thing, but nothing is more important than your family’s safety and health. From bed bugs to lice, rats, spiders and ticks, unwelcome pests carry and spread germs throughout your hygienic home.

2. Money

After your family comes your valuable investments, property and assets. While they may look in tip-top shape, pests like termites can be hard at work as they cause costly and time-consuming damage and hazards. And when it comes to pest control in Ryde, Sydney, there’s no one as thorough as Mr Flikem.

3. Peace of mind

And finally, let’s just cut to the chase: pets are a pain in the you-know-what. At your business premises, they pose a risk to the bottom line, while an infestation at home is definitely not the recipe for a happy family.

Why Choose Mr Flikem For Pest Control?

For the sort of professional pest control Ryde residents and businesses demand, there’s no one better than Mr Flikem. Our skilled and experienced pest control specialists are available 6am to 6pm Monday-Friday so that your health, money and peace and mind are always prioritised.

With cutting edge technology and two decades of getting to know Ryde pests’ habits and biology, we do the pest control Ryde and wider Sydney trusts.

Top Ryde Pest Control Services

Termite Pest Control

termite control sydney

Do you know what the most destructive pest in Ryde and Sydney is? Termites. They may be small, but one in four Ryde homes will be damaged by thousands of silent termites, with the usual repair bills in the thousands.

The solution? Mr Flikem recommends regular termite inspections and precautions, and our skilled pest specialists also have all the gear and the know-how to catch the early signs and use termite treatments from barriers to baiting to get them out and keep them out.

Cockroach Pest Control

Cockroach Control Sydney

Another super-common Ryde pest is the cockroach. These filthy and smelly pests typically occur in high numbers, tainting your kitchens and food, worsening allergies and carrying disease.

The solution? Mr Flikem’s cockroach control experts conduct a thorough inspection, and will then go to work finding the source of the infestation and putting in place a professional, targeted treatment plan to eradicate them completely.

Ryde Rodent Control

rodent control sydney

Did you know a recent survey showed that people are more afraid of mice and rats than they are of zombies? That same survey also put rodents at the same scary-level as spiders and snakes, and it’s no wonder. They damage our homes, spread diseases, and breed like … mice!

The solution? You can stop screaming now and get down from that kitchen chair, because Mr Flikem does the rodent pest control Ryde and Sydney can really rely on. So don’t go playing with rodenticides and poison bait, call the specialists and get your pest problem solved fast.

Mr Flikem - The Pest Control Specialist Ryde Trusts!

Termites and cockroaches and rats … oh my! When it comes to one-stop pest control Ryde locals can trust for every pest problem, Mr Flikem is the answer. We can also get rid of your ants, fleas, silverfish, wasps, mozzies, moths and so much more! There isn’t a pest in Ryde or Sydney that shouldn’t be afraid of Mr Flikem, so give us a call or fill in the online form today.


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