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Worried about termites? We’ve got you covered!

termite inspection sydney

Mr Flikem, your professional partners in pest control, are Sydney’s renowned specialists in professional termite inspections. With our years of experience, and our exclusive use of Bayer Kordon termite products, your family, business and property are in safe hands with Mr Flikem.

Termite prevention and inspections are one of the most important things to regularly check in your property, especially in suburbs with termite populations. With Mr Flikems knowledge and experience, we can make sure that your property is in safe hands.

Why should you be worried?

Although tiny, there may be up to a million termites in a single Sydney suburban colony. To grow, thrive and reproduce, they chew through dead plant and wood material – including the very structural basis of your home. In Sydney, there are 30 individual termite species that pose a direct threat to your building.

Why get a Termite Inspection in Sydney?

No pest infestation is fun and games, but easily the most alarming for any Sydney home or business owner to deal with is termites. Tough, stubborn and hugely damaging, termites cause up to $2 billion in damage to homes in Australia every year. To put that number in context, it adds up to more damage done by disaster-level bushfires or heavy storms.

Among the best ways to prevent significant damage caused by termites at your place is to get regular termite inspections done. And Mr Flikem is known for doing the termite inspection Sydney clients widely regard as the most thorough, professional and cost-effective.

A Mr Flikem termite inspection involves:

  • Full internal and external inspection of your home
  • Thorough inspection of all structures including garages and roof voids
  • Full inspection of your grounds, including garden, sheds, carports & fences
  • Full termite inspection report.

In short, we do the termite inspections Sydney can really trust. And especially in Sydney’s wider suburbs, where termite infestations can be widespread and affect a whopping 40% of all homes, termite inspections are among the most effective strategies for keeping your property and family safe.

Most people are unaware they have a termite inspection until it’s too late. Neighbourhood infestations can make other homes and businesses within a 5km radius vulnerable, and you may not know a thing until the actual structure of your building has been badly affected by these silent destroyers.


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How often should I get a termite inspection?

As far as your home is concerned, there’s not much worse than discovering that a silently-munching colony of termites has chewed through the basic structures of your home.

But here’s the good news: regular termite inspections done by Mr Flikem’s highly skilled and experienced Sydney pest control technicians can minimise or eliminate completely your home’s risk of devastating and expensive damage.

Unfortunately, Sydney’s humid subtropical climate and uniform rainfall makes it a high-risk target for termite infestations – especially the highly destructive Subterranean termite. That’s why Mr Flikem recommends you get a thorough, fully professional termite inspection done at least once a year.

If you’ve never had a termite inspection done before, or you’re due or overdue for your annual check, get in touch with Mr Flikem today on 1300 354 536.

Watch out for the signs

Can you already spot the signs of a termite infestation? If so, you’ve just quadrupled the need for an urgent termite inspection carried out by Mr Flikem.

The 7 deadly signs of a termite infestation are:

  1. Quiet clicking sounds at night
  2. Flying termites (or swarms)
  3. Spotting ‘white ants’ (they’re actually termites!)
  4. Paper-like timber
  5. Warped door or window frames
  6. Appearance of tunnels in wood
  7. Termite droppings

But many signs of termites are hidden, or visible only to the trained professional. That’s why a thorough annual inspection carried out by Mr Flikem’s highly trained and experienced experts can be your best defence against a highly damaging infestation.

Left unchecked, the average bill to repair the damage of an infestation in Sydney is $5000, which makes an annual inspection a great and highly cost-effective insurance policy.

The best cure is always prevention

Bayer Kurdon for Termite Inspection in Sydney

For residential homes or existing businesses, a regular termite inspection is the best preventative measure against infestations. But if you’re building a new property, ask about our exclusive Bayer Kordon products. These products are designed to be installed in the building phase and help act as a physical and unique termite barrier.

Want to know more, or are you ready to book a termite inspection? Call Mr Flikem today on 1300 354 536.


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