Termite Treatment Sydney

Got a termite problem? We’ve got the termite treatment solutions!

termite treatment sydneyMr Flikem is Sydney’s leading specialists in highly effective and cost-efficient termite treatment. No matter the type or scale of your termite problem or infestation, we do the termite treatment Sydney locals swear by.

They may be tiny, but termites are a huge hazard – especially in Sydney. The CSIRO classifies Sydney and its surrounding areas as being at ‘high’ risk of destructive termite infestations, which can damage or completely destroy your home, assets and structures.

In fact, more damage is done to Australian homes by termites every year than by fires and heavy storms combined!

Termites can also bite and cause or exacerbate allergies, making an infestation more than overwhelming … but not for the talented, experienced and fully-equipped Sydney pest control specialists at Mr Flikem!

Expert Termite Treatment In Sydney With Mr Flikem

Mr Flikem understands that not every termite infestation is the same. That’s why we’ll inspect, investigate and evaluate your unique setting and situation so that we can come up with a unique solution that suits your needs and budget – and keeps these critters out of your home and life forever.

So don’t let them munch through your home, garden, insulation and assets for one minute longer – call Mr Flikem right now!

We’re more than serious about taking care of our customers. Our affordable termite treatment cost won’t break the bank, and our termite control methods work safely, quickly and effectively – so that you won’t need to worry about dealing with termites for a long while to come.

Our termite treatment options are simple, fast, safe and effective, and our experts are on hand 24 hours a day so that your problem can be put in the past asap.


What are my termite treatment options?

termite treatment sydney on homesWhat can you do to stop worrying about termites? Give the friendly experts at Mr Flikem a bell so that we can devise the best termite treatment for your unique situation.

When it comes to the most effective termite treatment Sydney wide, among the most common are:

Physical: An accessible nest can be directly destroyed.

Chemical: For difficult to access nests, chemicals including dust and liquid termiticides are highly effective.

In-ground: This plan involves termite bait stations positioned around your home and grounds.

Above-ground: Once termites are discovered, above-ground baits can eliminate entire termite colonies.

Indirect: For difficult to locate nests, baits and other treatments target areas where termites are feeding.

Not sure which of the termite treatment options you need? Don’t worry! Mr Flikem’s highly skilled and experienced termite control experts are waiting on the other end of the phone to help and advise. The termite treatment Sydney locals and businesses need differ according to the termite type, the size of the infestation, the age of the home, and many other factors.

Our termite treatment services:

  • Utilise cutting edge technology
  • Are safe for the family and pets
  • Are available 24 hours a day
  • Are for every job, big and small
  • Include exclusive use of Bayer Kordon products
  • Includes a full Sydney termite inspection
  • Suit residential, commercial and industrial customers
  • Are on-time
  • Include free clean-up

Ready to say adios to your termite infestation for good? Call the friendly Mr Flikem team today on 1300 354 536.


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